Doi Chaang Wild Civet Coffee

Doi Chaang Wild Civet Coffee

So what exactly is Wild Thai Civet Coffee? It’s as unique (and as wild) as it sounds…


Doi Chaang Wild Thai Civet Coffee is made from coffee cherries that have been passed through the digestive system of a civet, a cat-sized mammal found in Southeast Asia and Southern China. A unique combination of enzymes in the civet’s stomach enhances the coffee’s flavour by breaking down the proteins that typically give the coffee its bitter taste.


 When swallowed, the inner beans will pass through the civet’s system undigested. Once eliminated, the coffee beans are still covered in some inner layers of the cherry and must be further processed to extract the coffee bean prior to roasting.


The wild civets will eat only the sweetest coffee cherries when the fruit is at its peak. The farmers of Doi Chang Village then gather the civet processed coffee beans from the forest floor, flush the coffee beans from the remaining layers of fruit, sun dry and hand select only the finest coffee beans. The beans are sent directly from Doi Chang Village to Vancouver, British Columbia where Doi Chaang Coffee’s expert Roastmaster roasts the civet coffee in micro-lot batches to ensure the perfect taste profiles for Doi Chaang Wild Thai Civet Coffee.


Our Civet Coffee comes from cage-free civets


These civets roam free throughout the jungles of Doi Chang Village. At no point are they caged or force fed coffee cherries. We are supporting the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in Canada to help publicize this issue and to make consumers aware when they buy civet coffee, they should make sure that it is from wild civets, not those kept in cages.


They and many other independent organizations such as Global TV, Vancouver, Thai TV and radio, plus many recognized and reputable international journalists, have visited Doi Chang over the past several years, and none have seen evidence  our Doi Chaang Coffee farmers cage civets. For more information about that, please look at our statement: Doi Chaang Coffee’s commitment to sourcing and supplying only Wild Civet Coffee and take a look here for a WSPA news release naming us as purveyors of cruelty-free civet coffee.


For more details on the process,  look here for photos of how it all starts; with the raw civet bean!





“Delicious without any bitterness . . . this coffee is good.”

Jane Goodall, Conservationist



David Suzuki, Environmentalist


“Honey, pear, nutty, more in the after-taste, deeper toastier, bitter-sweet chocolate (nicest coffee ever consumed black) nuances, mellow.  No lingering bitterness, new taste with each sip.  Body has a total dimension; the difference in the body is a lingering affect.  All over the inside of the mouth without any bitterness.”

Jason Thede, Executive Chef of the York Club