Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so we thought we’d share some gift ideas for your partner, best friend, sister, brother, or anybody in your life that you want to share your love with!


1. A super cute and cheeky greeting card – The Beautiful Project

2. ZIMT Chocolate – 80%, because who doesn’t like local, vegan, super tasty chocolate?

3. Hario Mini Mill – A hand grinder for those who want to perfect their home brewing technique!

4. Forest and Waves Cabin Candle – For the westcoaster in your life.

5. Doi Chaang Coffee Wild Civet , on sale for 5.00 off until the 20th! Use coupon code “civetlove” at checkout.

6. A growler fill or 40oz of their favourite beer (we like our neighbours, Strathcona Brewery )

7. An Aeropress to experiment with new ways of brewing their favourite beans.

8. Herbivore Detox bath salts for ultimate relaxation (why not grab some for yourself, too?)

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