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Single Estate | Medium

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Doi Chaang premium beans are roasted to a full medium to produce a fruity, sweet cup with a pleasant flowery fragrance. Well-balanced with a delicate body and rich undertones, our Single-Estate Medium offers an exceptionally vibrant beginning with a clean finish. A pleasant and well-rounded cup, enjoyable anytime.

Notes: Well balanced with an abundance of herbal flavours, it offers an exceptionally vibrant full-bodied beginning, with a smooth, mild finish.

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Beyond Fair Trade Coffee
Proudly roasted in Canada
Grown in Thailand


Our Thai beans are processed using the “washed” or “wet” method. This method uses large tanks to wash freshly picked cherries, usually over a number of days, until the fruit is completely gone from the parchment inside. The washed process allows the true character of the bean to shine – so you know exactly how the unique soil, varietal and growing methods of Northern Thailand affect the flavours you experience.

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Not only is this coffee single origin, it’s also single estate, all coming from the same acreage in Doi Chang Village. Rolling green mountains filled with arabica plants covered by a canopy of fruit trees makes this the ultimate coffee-growing climate.

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