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What we do

When we partnered with the people of Doi Chaang village, our ultimate goal was to have the village be self-sufficient. This meant, for years to come, the Akha would be able to sustain themselves by growing, harvesting and processing coffee. We called in the professionals to ensure the compliance of farmers and producers along the supply chain – for both disbursement of funds and sustainable farming practices. Our coffee is both USDA and Canada Organic Certified and Fairtrade Certified. Using third-party certifying bodies gives us confidence in the well-being of our farmers and the quality of the products they are producing.

Our values

  • Seek Premium Quality
  • Ensure Quality Control
  • Sustainable Control
  • Invest in Community Sustainability
  • Always be Transparent
  • Always be Accountable


The wellbeing of both our farmers and consumers is important to us – which is why we choose to sell only organic certified coffees. Our coffee is certified Canada Organic, which means our products and farms have been inspected and audited by organizations that are accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

By using a third-party certifying body, you have full-food traceability, from field to market, and know that the coffee you’re drinking was grown naturally and will sustain farmers for generations to come!

Fair trade

Fairtrade international has been trusted by farmers, retailers and consumers for years, and that’s why we rely on their certification and regimented auditing system to ensure that economic, social, and environmental standards are met. When you see the Fairtrade logo on our products, it means that we’ve paid a Fairtrade minimum price – which protects producers when prices fall – and a Fairtrade Premium price – which are additional funds for producers to invest in community or business development projects.

Beyond Fair Trade™

“Beyond Fair Trade™” is a mark given to coffee that meets a certain criteria of economical and environmental standards. Buying a “Beyond Fair Trade™” product means that the purchase of the coffee supports unique partnerships and relationships with the producers of the coffee – one that ensures fair payment to the farming communities and fair treatment of those working within the plantations. It also means that the product is high-quality, organic certified, environmentally sustainable and traceable.

Beyond Fair Trade started with an exclusive relationship between the Canadian and Thai sides of Doi Chaang Coffee, where the Canadian side would buy green beans at a significant premium to Fair Trade pricing and return 50% of our profits to the producers in Thailand. This unique 50-50 business model was to encourage farming education and the economic sustainability of the Akha hill tribe; which, after ten years, was more successful than we could have imagined.

The ultimate goal is for a farming group or co-op to become fully self-sufficient while using the best farming and business practices possible. Our success is measured by the improvements made at origin – the health and wellbeing of the farmers and villagers, the improved farming practices, infrastructure and so on.

A direct BFT relationship allows us to develop personal relationships as well as business partnerships, and with direct communication from the producers, we can easily understand their needs and do our best to help them achieve what they need to be self-sustained and achieve success on their own. The success is also reliant on our ability to communicate to consumers how their purchases are affecting projects at origin and bringing them on the journey with us.

We hope to recreate the successful relationship that we’ve had with our partners in Northern Thailand with other farmers in coffee producing countries all over the world. We also hope to bring awareness and education to regions that can grow high quality coffee, but aren’t widely known for it, just like we did with Doi Chang Village in 2007.