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We've undergone a transformation, drawing inspiration from our Thai roots. Take a peek at our fresh packaging design.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned after being in business since 2007, it’s that coffee preferences widely vary. Some people love a deep, rich, chocolatey dark roast while others prefer a bright and fruity blend. We’ve worked hard to produce a roast for every preference, and have a roster of awards to back up our years of experience.

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Our Story

From seedling to cup, the way coffee is grown, harvested, produced, roasted, and packaged is imperative to the quality of the final product. We believe that knowledge, passion and fairness across the supply chain is what makes our coffee exceptional , and our story, which is one that doesn’t come around often, makes it one-of-a-kind.

Our Story


When we partnered with the people of Doi Chang village, our ultimate goal was to have the village be self-sufficient. This meant, for years to come, the Akha would be able to sustain themselves by growing, harvesting and processing coffee. We called in the professionals to ensure the compliance of farmers and producers along the supply chain – for both disbursement of funds and sustainable farming practices.

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Stirring Stories

Dive into our journal of origin trips, new methods of growing, harvesting and processing, and things we’ve found along our journey that we couldn’t help but share.