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Hardwired | Dark


$14.49$29.99 or from $13.04$26.99 / month

Bold and smoky dark roast blend of Doi Chaang and Central American beans. A distinct dark chocolate and molasses finish.

Notes: Smoky, Baker's Chocolate, Molasses

$14.49 or Original price was: $14.49.Current price is: $13.04. / month
$29.99 or Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $26.99. / month

Beyond Fair Trade Coffee
Proudly roasted in Canada
Grown in Thailand


Our Thai beans are processed using the “washed” or “wet” method. This method uses large tanks to wash freshly picked cherries, usually over a number of days, until the fruit is completely gone from the parchment inside. The washed process allows the true character of the bean to shine – so you know exactly how the unique soil, varietal and growing methods of Northern Thailand affect the flavours you experience.

Our Coffee


Our Master Roaster doesn’t hook up with just anyone. On the hunt for ideal companions to blend with his exceptional Doi Chaang Thai beans, he picks only the world’s best fair trade, organic beans. Their happily-ever-after is your exceptional coffee experience.


  1. richard.leechik (verified owner)

    Full bodied, Rich and smooth. Really good coffee! Thank you, Doi Chaang,

  2. Bill Barratt

    Discovered Doi Chang in Costco of all places and have not been disappointed since. Excellent coffee regularly order my favorite.

  3. slalomon_DW (verified owner)

    Found this great dark roast at Costco, and loved it immediately. I’ve ordered Doi many times now and the taste is always consistent. Love the smooth finish with zero bitterness. The Hardwired and the Single Estate Dark are my favorites, and my daily drinkers.

  4. Justin Hiscox

    This coffee is amazing on all levels. For a Dark roast it has left me speechless and a party in my mouth.

  5. Kat

    I love Doi Chaang! I was searching for some organic coffee as I heard that it would be suitable for me. Finally found the best tasting coffee and I dont have to worry about eczema flare ups! I highly recommend them.

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