October 1st marks the beginning of Fairtrade Month, a moment to shine a light on and celebrate this global movement. 

At its core, Fairtrade embodies the spirit of fairness and equity, and it’s a journey towards fair pay, decent working conditions, and allowing producers to have greater control over their future. 

Fairtrade is the backbone of Doi Chaang Coffee, and we’re committed to empowering farmers through trade and awareness – that’s why we’re proud partners with Fairtrade Canada and all Doi Chaang coffees are Fairtrade certified. 

Join us during Fairtrade Month as we come together to champion fairness and make a difference in the lives of producers and their communities.  

Enjoy 20% off all Doi Chaang coffees from October 1-31st 2023, using code  FAIRTRADE23 at checkout. 

To learn more about the Fairtrade movement, visit the Fairtrade Canada website.

Brewing Variables: Water Temperature
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Brewing Variables: Water Temperature