We’ve been playing around with this nifty device for some time now and thought it would be a great opportunity to share our best practices with our customers!

Have you heard of the aeropress before? No- it’s not a French press – it’s a total immersion brewing device created by aerobie inventor Alan Adler. The coffee is brewed in minutes by forcing water through a filter using a “plunger”.

Using a full immersion technique creates a more full-bodied and even cup, and we’ve found that the aeropress brings out the floral and fruity notes of our Doi Chaang beans. Ready for a crash course?



Start with your Aeropress, your favourite mug, 17g of beans, a gooseneck kettle, a scale, and a thermometer.

  • 1. Grind your beans (we suggest Single Estate Medium, Social Medium or Wild Civet) slightly finer than you would for a drip machine
  • 2. Boil water in gooseneck kettle to 195 degrees, or boil and wait 45 seconds to cool. Wet filter to get rid of any paper taste.
  • 3. Put your plunger in the aeropress, just above the number 4, and place the device upside-down (filter side up). Add coffee. (Note – make sure your aeropress is on a steady surface!)
  • 4. Pour about 30g of coffee in to your aeropress. Stir to make sure every ground has been submerged. Let sit (bloom) for 30 seconds.
  • 5. Fill the aeropress with the rest of the water. The total amount of water should be around 270 grams. Put your timer on for one minute.
  • 6. Attach your filter and (VERY CAREFULLY) flip your aeropress, and plunge for 20-30 seconds until you hear a hissing noise.

Congratulations! You have a delicious, full-bodied brew. Your coffee should be quite concentrated, so add some water to your cup to adjust the strength to your liking.
Do you have an aeropress recipe you love? Share it with us at info@doichaangcoffee.com

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