You Can Soon Drink Coffee Made from “Cat Poop” in Toronto

This unique coffee gets its name because it’s collected from the droppings of the wild civet, a cat like creature found in Thailand. The animals eat coffee beans but don’t digest them. Get the full article from BlogTO

Sipping One of the Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Taking ‘cat poop coffee’ for a taste test drive. I got to try one of the most expensive coffees in the world for the Sun. Get the full article from the Toronto Sun

Cat Poop Coffee is Coming to Toronto 

Saying your coffee tastes like cat pee is an insult, but cat poop — that might soon be considered a compliment. Get the full article from Metro News here

Trending: Coffee Made of Cat Poop Coming to Toronto

Having a crappy morning? Well get a load of this… Get the full article from City News

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