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Beyond Fair Trade documentary special part 1

Global TV’s half hour documentary on Doi Chaang Coffee Co. and the unique relationship with their farmers, the Akha Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand.

Beyond Fair Trade documentary special part 2

Beyond fair Trade documentary special part 3

The Struggle for Human Dignity

The struggle for dignity has been a long and arduous journey for the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. Before the coffee plant was introduced as an alternative to opium, the future for these magnificent people seemed bleak. After decades of enduring hardship, the hill tribes of Northern Thailand can finally build a respectable community through a strong working partnership.

Born Wild

Civet coffee is the rarest, most exotic coffee in the world. Doi Chaang’s Civet coffee is the product of wild civets roaming the hills of Doi Chang Village feasting on the sweetest and ripest coffee cherries.

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