Doi Chaang Coffee is a single-estate, premium Arabica coffee. It is certified organic to ensure the highest possible quality for each cup. Naturally low in caffeine, it has a complex and flavourful profile that is enhanced and released through detailed cultivating, processing and roasting methods

Our coffee starts by being grown on rich fertile soil, in high elevations with ample rainfall. A variety of Arabica plants are nurtured under a canopy of plum, peach, pear, and macadamia nut trees. The fallen leaves from various fruit and nut trees create nutritious mulch for the coffee plants, providing a subtle fruit and nutty taste to the coffee cherries, creating a more complex, dense and intensely flavoured bean.


Using zero chemicals or pesticides the cherries are harvested from November to March by selectively hand picking only our ripe cherries which ensures minimal damage to our plants. Then, using a fully wet-method of processing, the ripe cherries are extracted, pulped, and fermented to enhance aroma and flavour. The final stage involves drying the beans until they reach a 11% moisture level, then hulling and sorting so the beans may be graded. Only the finest grade beans are roasted for our blends. The complex and flavourful profile of the beans provides a wide spectrum of taste and allows the beans to be roasted on different levels and then combined to produce a variety of distinctive roasts. The beans are freshly roasted in Richmond BC, and then packaged and sealed in high grade valve bags, guaranteeing its freshness.

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