New Product of the Year Finalist: Our Buzzin’ Blend



The concept of a “light roast” is scary for some coffee lovers – and we get it.  Dark, bold, full-bodied coffee best consumed with a touch of cream and sugar was the norm for years, without much variety in roast types.

Things have changed in the coffee world – we don’t just drink coffee to wake up. Coffee is a specialty beverage – artisanal, like wine, with careful attention paid to origin, roasting, and brewing. We don’t accept the old ways of coffee – we want more. At Doi Chaang, we pride ourselves on working closely with our producers so that we can let our consumers know not only the details of the coffee production, but what happens in day-to-day life in the villages as well. We’ve also found that when roasting coffee, lighter doesn’t mean less “flavour”, and definitely doesn’t mean the coffee is weak or boring!New Product of the Year - Finalist

Our medium-light breakfast blend, Buzzin’, was recently selected as a finalist for Fairtrade’s New Product of the Year award. If you haven’t tried it, here are some reasons to come over to the light side:


  1. You don’t need cream or sugar! Many people are used to tasting bitterness in coffee, but lighter roasts produce a smoother, brighter cup, so you can drink it black.
  2. Buzzin’ has aroma and flavours that you don’t find in darker roasted coffees. The aroma is sweet and floral and you’ll be able to pick up flavours of dark chocolate and honey!
  3. You’ll get more of a caffeine buzz! Although Buzzin’ isn’t as bold tasting, it has slightly more caffeine than our darker roasts.
  4. Experiment with your brewing! Different methods will bring out different flavors in Buzzin’. We love using the aeropress or the V60. Your drip machine will work great, too.
  5. You can mix blends! We’ve heard of DCC lovers that mix our Buzzin’ blend with Social Medium or Hardwired – and that’s great! Experiment and find the flavours you like the most.

Want to try out some new brewing methods? Check out our best practices for Buzzin’ here

And pick up a blend variety pack for $49.99 here

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